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Hi Michelle!

Thanks for the note about the link. They change their website and it kills the link. I couldn't find the "How to Build a Compost Bin" link this time so I'm glad the plans are a help to you. It is a great compost bin.

Happy Gardening!

Thanks so much for posting the plans in a PDF. The link to is no longer available.


Thanks for putting that PDF up. I don't know why I couldn't find that. It will be a huge help.


Hey Mark - Thanks for the note. I found the correct link on the site and I also added a pdf copy of the plans to the page. Try both and let me know what you think!

What I have found is with this design there is sufficient air circulation to keep the compost from stinking. If you do have a compost that stinks it needs to be turned more often. During the summer I turn daily.


I have some questions for you about your bin. First of all, did it ever start stinking? What kind of wood did you use to construct it? Lowes took down the plans from their site. I have tracked down the diagram, but were there any written instructions with the bin? Thanks, Marc.

Hey Don,
This is Alan from the square foot gardening foundation. I just wanted to comment on how cool your compost bin looks! It's incredible Good job! you rock.

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