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My 8 tomato plants were doing great; up until they began to be covered with knats. They're still flowering and coming up, but the leaves have begun to droop. I sprayed with an insecticide for tomatoe plants, mixed with dish soap. They're still there. I'm concerned about this problem. Any suggestions are appreciated..... thanks, Jim

I'm interested in getting the Excel worksheet that's been mentioned.

I'm starting into SFG, and I'm pretty excited about the possibilities. I'm located in Tucson, and I'm assuming that your experiences will be similar to mine, so your blog is helpful.



Hi Don,

Your info is so helpful...I am also starting a sqaure-foot garden here in Glendale, AZ. I was planning on a 6-inch deep garden, but my father is very skeptical about this depth in our dry heat...what are your deep is your garden? How often do you water? Do you also add mulch to help retain moisture? Hopefully you can help me out here...Thanks so much for sharing your garden info.


Don, here's another request for that spreadsheet everyone is talking about on the SFG forums. Greetings from rainy Seattle!

Don: I would really like your excel spreadsheet to use for my garden. I made a small one to track my seed purchases so I would not have too much of one thing. Most of the garden is growing well except for a few squares of beans and peas (yellowing problem). Two days ago I added some bone meal to those squares and today they are looking better. God Bless, Ward.

This is in response to your query on SFG. I've already got my vermiculite, but have been following this link, and I love a challenge. So I called Thermo-o-Rock in Chandler, AZ this morning and they do not sell to the public, but in the Phoenix area they sell to Sun West Containers, 800-695-7560, who should. And in Mesa, AZ they sell to A & P Nursery, 480-892-7932. They say they are getting lots of calls about it so I explained about SFG. For those on the east side of the country the phone number is in my post above. Good luck. Merrilee


I sent it to you at the email address you had listed.

Good Luck!

Could you please send me your Excel gardening plan?


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